MultipleTap US East Coast Tour

Date : 2016年3月29日 – 4月2日
Venue :

29 Mar. – Austin(USA)
30 Mar. – New Orleans(USA)
31 Mar. – Atlanta(USA)
1 Apr. – Orlando(USA)
2 Apr. – Miami(USA)
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ARTISTS: Hijokaidan / Hatis Noit / Jeff Carey / ucnv / Atsuhiro Ito / Kou Katsuyoshi / Yousuke Fuyama / Makoto Oshiro / Sofheso

More Info:

MultipleTap is the Japanese scene, in the form of chaos and excess not seem in the other part of the world, made into the festivals. Only born in the small islands of Far East Asia, the “Japanese Scene”, show overwhelming power and chaos, will continue to disseminate to the world.
Having toured UK, Mexico, Germany, China, Belguim, Denmark, France. Now will prepare for US.