alienate / demonstrate / edit

Date : 2012年5月25日(Fri)-2012年6月30日(Sat)
Open : Tuesday – Friday 10 – 6, Saturday 11 – 4 Closed during exhibition changes.
Ticket : Gallery admission is free
Act: – Yousuke Fuyama
– Oliver Laric
– Joseph Nerney
– Vincent Riebeek
– Sean Snyder

Curated by Arron Santry

More Info : ニュージーランドはオークランドにて、世界各国から招聘されたアーティストとともに、インスタレーションの展示とオープニングでのライヴパフォーマンスを行います。
“alienate/demonstrate/edit -異化/論証/編集-“↓↓↓

The internet is a space of pure representation, of disembodied agency and parallel worlds.
Images are spread and shared and copied at an impossible rate, their content dissolved and dispersed as they filter through context after context.
Media construct reality – this is a kind of textbook wisdom. Society experiences itself through mediated images of itself.
But these images are always in conflict with the discursive contexts in which they are located; aesthetic autonomy must be fought for.

Alienate, demonstrate, edit – these are the imperatives of a generation of artists overrun by representation.