When I participate to events, shows, sometimes I bring my handmade cassette tape for selling or present to some friends.
Then, the frequently asked questions is” How you make cassette tapes at home?”

This is a note about how I recording and making cassette tapes at my home.
It’s a simple and easy example for DIY musicians.
Invest only $100 for starting a handy home factory of own cassette tapes.


Music Player (Laptop, etc) x 1
Cassette Tape Recorder x 1 ($40)
Cassette Tape Duplicator x 1 ($50)
Blank Tapes x 11 ($10) (1 for master tape, 10 for copies)

Where to get:

Here It’s useful, powerful junk spot for getting cassette tape players, recorders, and some electronic Instruments. Second hands, Junk, cheap price.

Easy to find new stereo cassette recorder and blank tapes.

・YAHOO! Auction
Make an account to get second hand cassette tape dupulicator, like SONY ccp-1310F, 1410F.
Search SONY CCP-1310F, CCP-1410F on there.
There are also blank tapes set at clearance sale price.
Maybe you can get same kind of things on ebay too.


1、Recording a Master Tape
It’s super simple. connect output of the player to tape recorder.
Recording all tracks in realtime with monitoring.
This tape will be used as a master(original) tape for duplicator.

2、Coping a master tape to blank tapes
This ccp-1310F copies 3 tapes in same time by 16times faster than normal speed.
Coffee time.

3、Making Sleeves
In most case, The sleeve of tapes, CDs, Vinyles are printed paper. But in the other party, like in Noise music scene, Artists uses some unique materials to make sleeves. Stones, cloth, metals, etc.
It’s good to enjoy making the things by hands.

It takes 1Hour to make 10 tapes. It’s possible to make tapes for selling at the show on nextday.
I am selling this tapes in BC now.
“RAW+++” Homemade Limited Cassette

Why Tapes? :

・Having a alternative small factory by myself
Artists can choose the final output of thier release by themselfs. Then get to be able to make small lots of tapes without sending the master data to black box factory, without waiting 2weeks of shipping, without caring about english messages from the factory. It’s easy, flexible, economic, and fun.

・Getting tasty sound texture
“Analog” or “Lo” doesn’t mean “bad”, of course.
So the quality of sounds is not absolute standard but It’s relative and a dependent variable fuctor of medium that changes dynamically.
It’s like connecting tape sound effect at finalizing process. The medium has its own unique taste of sound.