ART on TV: The TAV Studio Project –

Date : 2015年05月29日-06月21日
Venue : @Taipei Artist Village Barry Room
Open: 18:00
Ticket: Free
Opening Guests: – WU Dar-Kuen
– Shelly WU
– GUO Jau-Lan
– CHEN Chin-Pao

Artists: – CHEN I-Hsuen
– HUANG Li-Hui
– CHIU Chen-Hung
– TING Liping
– Pauline CHEN
– Hayley KING
– Yousuke Fuyama
– KANG Eun Goo
More Info :
ART on TV: The TAV Studio Project attempts to turn the gallery space at Taipei Artist Village, Barry Room, into a TV talk show studio for contemporary art Download youtube 4k. A total of three episodes will be made under the name of Art Channel, including the live TV show recording on the opening day. The exhibition invites professionals in contemporary art world to share their professions and their thoughts on the status quo Download Jang Sung-rok. Besides, the discussion will also focus on the possible ways to improve collectively their professional relations among one anther. The problematics behind each TV episode are as follows: the distance between contemporary art and modern life in Taiwan, the relations between contemporary art and commercial culture, and the subjectivity in Taiwanese contemporary art itunes 10.7 다운로드. This exhibition hopes to bring together people of different professions, exploring the value orientation in current art world, the similarities and differences between an art show and TV show, and the correlation between an exhibition and performance Download My Little Hero.

Yousuke Fuyama TERMINAL Exhibition –

Date : 2015年05月23日,24日,30日,31日,6月6日,6月7日
Venue : @Treasure Hill Artist Village Air-Raid Shelter
Open: 5/23 20:00-22:00
5/24 due to the whether concerns, exhibition is closed on 24th May
5/30, 5/31, 6/6, 6/7 13:00-18:00
Ticket: Free
Notice: The exhibition contain loud noise and harsh flashing light, and the venue would be a small, dark and confined space, please carefully deliberate above conditions before visiting 아크로 에디트. The floor of the venue will be uneven, please watch your step.

More Info :
Yousuke Fuyama is a Tokyo based Artist / Scientist Download Eclipse jsp. He has been studying musical research and sound art. During the residency in Treasure Hill Artist Village, he focuses to make new works of installation and performance live set, recordings, collaboration work with Taiwanese unique local artists 가나다라 다운로드. Technically developing with some physical materials and data stream that generated by algorithmic approach. From this May, he will present a series of exhibitions, workshops, and premier performances to the audience Download the movie Taebaek Mountain.