Performance 0630

윈도우 무비 메이커 무료

Date : 2017年6月30日 (金) NewYork,USA
Venue : MISE_EN Place
Time: start 19:00
Ticket :

Georgios Cherouvim – geophone / geolocation (fixed audio-visual)
Kamron Saniee – Sulfate Spring / Magmatism (live performance)
김형중 (Hyungjoong Kim) – Untitled (live audio-visual performance)
윤소진 (Sojin Yoon) X 김재환 (Jae Hwan Kim) – Tic (fixed audio visual)
Fuyama Yousuke – AVB (live audiovisual performance)
Arts Incubator’s first event [performance 0630] will be held at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick and is proudly sponsored by ensemble mise-en erwin 평가판 다운로드. Arts Incubator has invited four talented artists from Japan, USA and Korea.

방귀대장 뿡뿡이 다운로드

Depopulate 07

연세대 프로그램

Date : 2017年6月24日 (土) 台湾,台北 Taiwan,TAIPEI
Venue : venue
Time: start 19:00
Ticket : Door 600NT

Zahra Killeen-Chance (Auckland)
Yousuke Fuyama (Tokyo)
Wang Fujui
Betty Apple
ON (Orange Hou & Noise Steve)

白木耳即將展開其結合實驗聲響、藝術及表演的Depopulate系列第七場活動。Depopulate 07將獻上Zahra Killeen-Chance(紐西蘭奧克蘭)、布山陽介(日本東京)、王福瑞、HH、Betty Apple及ON。

Depopulate 07 is the seventh instalment of the White Fungus event series mixing live sound, art and performance 마커스 주님의 사랑 다운로드. Depopulate 07 will feature Zahra Killeen-Chance (Auckland), Yousuke Fuyama (Tokyo), Wang Fujui, HH, Betty Apple, and ON (Orange Hou & Noise Steve). This event is supported by the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office Taipei 해리포터와 비밀의 방.