Creative Code Meetup XX

Date : 2015年09月16日 (Wed)
Venue : Gray Area Art + Technology
Time: 19:00 – 21:30pm
Ticket : Free
ARTISTS: – Isaac Cohen
– Michael Chang
– Ian Heisters
– Yousuke Fuyama

More Info: facebook

For our September Creative Code Meetup we are excited to have presentations from four very talented artists Download pixate. From Dance to Dystopia, this Meetup will be an exciting view into creative works exploring the evolution of simulation, storytelling and performance.

Isaac Cohen |
Isaac Cohen will present Enough, an exploration in interactive storytelling gpu z 다운로드. Using the moniker ‘Cabbibo’, an homage to the late physicist Nicola Cabibbo, Isaac Cohen has published an eclectic array of works ranging from audiovisual fact-learning apps, interactive experiences made from recursive algorithms, to a real-time procedural music blogs where users traverse a universe of sound Download the movie River.

Michael Chang |

Michael Chang will be discussing Post-Cyberpunk, asking, “How has the world and the cities we inhabit changed, thirty years after Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s vision of a dystopian future run by mega corporations?” Michael Chang explores these topics through his research while developing a city simulation Download Take1.

Ian Heisters |

Ian Smith-Heisters will present past and in-progress projects that demonstrate the use of generative systems in choreography and interactive installation Download the movie congering. He will discuss some of the issues he has encountered making generative, interactive dance, both conceptually and technically, and how he has approached those issues 카지노 룰렛.

Yousuke Fuyama |

Yousuke Fuyama is an artist, composer, programmer, visual and graphic designer, brain researcher and VJ 코플레이어. Yousuke resides in Japan though is currently in the Bay Area through the VARDA Artist Residency. Yousuke will present his latest visual and audio works 비투비 friend 다운로드.

More information on the VARDA Artists Residency: