Psych Fest Online: Adam’s Virtual 25th Birthday Festival

Date : 2020年5月26日(火)
Venue : online
Time: Open 17:00
Ticket: FREE

5:00pm Bryan K hdclone 다운로드. Adams
Circuit bent solo madness streamed from the Figbox in South FL.
5:20pm Massimo Magee
Electro-acoustic sax improvisations live from the future in London 윤미래 always.
5:40pm Speed Reader
Pseudo-devotional teachings from the mouth of Chris Hurst.
5:57pm Tom Borax
A presentation by Baltimore media abstractionist guru Tom Boram WarThunder.
6:10pm Zachary Hickerson
Noise Rock/No Wave influenced free sax improv from St. Pete.
6:30pm Wax Atom
Your friendly neighborhood DJ. Gainesville wax wizard One piece film gold.
6:50pm Majid Araim
ATL mad audio scientist explores ALL the sounds.
7:10pm Susan Alcorn
Prolific Baltimore-based pedal steel enchantress 컬러 피커.
7:30pm Yousuke Fuyama
Tokyo laptop punk explores multidimensional space.
7:50pm Thollem
Genre-defying keyboard improvisations via hands of a nomad 리눅스 페도라 12 다운로드.
8:10pm Kyle Motl
Reaching the cosmos by means of playing the bass.
8:30pm Christopher Lombardo
Achieving the ‘heaviest’ via means of tech, math, and science Download manhole complete.
8:50pm Scott Bazar & Joel Nobody
Virtuoso freakout guitar shredders of ‘Vantage Planets’.
9:10pm Seth Davis
Kansas City bedroom experiments 베가스 프로 13 다운로드.
9:30pm Andrea Pensado
Stellar live electronics + voice blending turns your brain to soup.
9:50pm Jonas Van den Bossche
FL based Belgian guitar improviser embraces contradiction advance systemcare 다운로드.
10:10pm id m theft able
Strange Maine. As close to the subconscious as you’ll get.
10:30pm Sandy Ewen
NY guitar futurist using found objects and extended techniques report designer 5.0 ocx viewer 다운로드.
10:50pm Rat Bastard
International Noise Conference cult icon world superstar.
11:10pm byrdipop
Electronic nighttime bliss straight out of Miami.
11:30pm Tom Smith
Prolific avant-garde performer. (Boat Of, Peach of Immortality, etc.)
11:50pm Eli Kahn
Improvised solo Jazz-Hop from South Bend, Indiana.
12:10am Will Yager
Improvised double bass chamber music player.
12:30am Hiroshi Hasegawa
Legendary Japanese noise artist (of C.C.C.C. / Astro)
12:50am Victoria Shen
Chaotic spiritual education and nourishment.